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Full Synopsis of Film Breakthrough (2019)

  • Country: United States of America
  • English
  • Director: Roxann Dawson
  • Cast: Chrissy Metz, Marcel Ruiz, Josh Lucas, Sam Trammel, Topher Grace, Dennis Haysbert, Mike Colter
  • Cinematography: Zoran Popovic
  • Music: Marcelo Zarvos
  • Distributor: Moving Pictures, Walt Disney Studios.

Breakthrough Synopsis

John Smith Guatemalan 14-year-old boy grew up on Lake St. Louis, Missouri by his adoptive parents, Joyce and Brian. At school of 90bola, John’s class gave a presentation about their family background. John gave a half-hearted presentation, explaining everyone knew he was adopting and he didn’t know much about the agreed background.

Breakthrough Plot

John and Josh and Reiger headed for the frozen lake. Residents contact the police, and they fall through the ice. Josh and Reger made it to the surface. As they were about to exit one of the saviors, Tommy Shine listened to the explaining voice to return.

He managed to lift John towards the surface. John was taken to the hospital, the emergency team worked safely. Sutter gave Joyce the chance to approve goodbye. Joyce was now crying to cradle her son on his arm, John’s pulse was faint.

Sutter came out and moved John to the hospital more fully by quoting Dr. Garret is expert in cases like this. John was moved and placed in a coma induced by Medical, Garret transferred his parents, he had little hope of John’s recovery, and if he got through it, he would live vegetatively.

John chose a sign of consciousness, he could hear Joyce and the pastor. His Majesty responds to his hands and tears trickling from his eyes while talking, singing and praying for his recovery. Joyce, who is determined to save John’s life at all costs, helps to save, asks to come out of the coma by stating he is prepared for whatever brings destiny.

Garrett agrees, John revived the conscious, recalling the accident he experienced. He heard the voice activated. A few days later, he left the hospital. John’s return, challenging many people, challenged some of the hatred of others, who questioned why John survived while their loved ones died. This weighed on John’s mind and returned to the lake, he saw Tommy shine and helped him fight for saving him.


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