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Full Synopsis of Toy Story 4 Film (2019)

  • Country: United States
  • English
  • Director: Josh Cooley
  • Producer: Jonas Rivera
  • Cast: Tom Hanks, Christina Hendricks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, Annie Potts, Ally Maki, Tony Hale, Jay Hernandez, Keegan-Michael Key, Lori Alan, Jordan Peele, Joan Cusack, Madeleine McGraw
  • Cinematography: Jean-Claude Kalache, Patrick LIn
  • Music: Randy Newman
  • Distributor: Walt Disney Studios.

Toy Story 4 plot

Flash back 9 years ago R.C. being swept away by the storm sewer. Woody and other toys carried out a rescue operation, but while they were busy, Bo Peep and several other toys were given Andy’s sister Molly, although Woody tried to take it, Bo assured him it was part of the toy to be taken.

2 years after Andy donated his toys to Bonnie, Woody and other toys satisfied their new life. Fearing that Bonnie would feel overwhelmed by his kindergarten orientation, ignored Bonnie sneaked into his backpack, and his fear was revealed when Bonnie became ashamed of his classmates.

Woody secretly places Spork and other items from the trash can at Bonnie’s desk, and he turns it into a handmade toy Spork named Forky. After Bonnie put Forky in his backpack, he came back to life, surprising Woody. Woody introduces to another Bonnie toy.

In his journey with the Bonnie family and his toys, Forky still believes he trash jumps out of the window, encouraging Woody to chase Forky. Woody convinces Forky about the pleasure of being a toy, they travel to the RV park in the nearby city where Bonnie and his parents will be staying.

Woody sees Bo’s lamp in the shop. Looking for Bo inside, he and Forky found Gabby Gabby and Benson’s dolls. Gabby offered to take them to Bo, but immediately explained his plan to get Woody’s voice box, because the city of his voice was broken and no child would buy him.

Bonnie and her parents entered the shop, Forky and Woody fled, but Forky was arrested by Gabby Gabby. When Woody runs away from the shop, RV Boonie leaves without him and he realizes he has left Forky. Woody meets Bo, who is a nomad adventurer.

With Bo’s colleague, Giggle McDimples miniature police, they took a route through the nearest carnival to save Forky from an antique shop. Buzz is looking for Woody, looking for a guide in the phrase induced by his own city button. Buzz found himself a present at the carnival booth and fled with Ducky and Bunny toys.

Buzz finds Bo and Woody, they recruit Bunny and Ducky to help save Forky, promising they will become toys Bonnie, along with old friend Bo, Duke Caboom. At the antique shop, the toy plan to save Forky failed. Woody quarreled with other toys, and accidentally insulted Bo.

Bo, Giggle, Duke, Ducky and Bunny headed to the carnival, Woody gave the city his voice towards Gabby Gabby. Gabby Gabby wanted to be adopted by the shop owner’s grandson Harmony, but Harmony finally refused the opportunity to adopt it. Buzz returns to RV Bonnie and yells for Bonnie’s backpack, which she left in the shop.

Woody entertains Gabby Gabby after the refusal, Bo and the gang return after changing their hearts. After Bonnie returned carrying her backpack, the toy followed her and her parents. Buzz and Forky return to Bonnie, who is very happy to have Forky back. Following Woody’s advice, Gabby Gabby saw a lonely little girl crying and giving her comfort, and she was adopted.

Woody and Bo say goodbye, Woody hesitates to come back with Boonie. The encouragement from BUzz, Woody decided to stay with Bo to help the missing toys find their owners. Buzz and the gang give Bo and Woody a goodbye hug and they part ways


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