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Full Synopsis of Shazam Film! (2019)

  • Release: April 5, 2019
  • Country: United States
  • English
  • Director: David F. Sandberg
  • Producer: Peter Safran
  • Cast: Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer, Mark Strong, Djimon Hounsou, Asher Angel
  • Cinematography: Maxime Alexandre
  • Music: Benjamin Wallfisch
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

Synopsis Shazam!

1974, Thaddeus Sivana is miraculously transported to the Rock of Eternity, he meets the witch Shazam, who introduces him to a mystical statue containing the spirits of Seven Deadly: Greed, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony and Sloth. Shazam spent centuries searching for new champions. Sivana tried to touch Eye of Envy, failed the exam.

When he was transported back to the car, he caused a commotion when he tried to return to cause an accident that injured his father. Now in Philadelphia, Billy is arrested by a child worker after he traps police officers to help search his mother. He was adopted by Vasquez and shared a paralyzed room with Freedy.

Plot Shazam!

Sivana returns to the Rock of Eternity and frees the Sins which allows them to use her body to escape. On the Freedy School, a group of children was disturbed, Billy fled to the subway where he was contacted by Shazam. Shazam asks Billy to take his wand and says “Shazam” turns Billy into an adult with super powers.

Billy began to fully learn the power. One time Shazam accidentally caused the bus to fall from the bridge, causing Freddy to immediately rebuke him for abusing his strength. After seeing Shazam on the news, Sivana attacked. Shazam was easily defeated but he turned back into Bily mingling with the escaping crowd.

Sivana catches Freddy looking for Billy. Billy’s brothers realized he was Shazam, and they revealed they had found his mother. Billy meets his mother, who reveals he left her because he can’t take good care of him. After leaving his mother, Billy received a call from Sivana, who arrived at Vasquez’s house to find him.

Shazam agreed, Sivana took him to the Rock of Eternity. Brother Billy followed them, during the ceremony, Freddy injured Sivana, gave Shazam when he fled and made them realize that without Sins, Sivana was a normal man. Sivana cornered the family at a carnival, where Sins threatened to kill Billy’s brother if Shazam gave no strength.

Shazam made use of the staff dividing strength among his brothers resulting in them becoming adult superheroes with strength. Shazam defeated Sivana to mock Sins late, Envy to leave Sivana. Utilizing Shivana, Shazam took control of the Eye of Envy, allowing him to carry spirits.

The group is considered a super hero in the city, and Billy accepts Vasquez’s family. Billy is present at school as Shazam supports Freddy before explaining that he brought a friend of Superman. Billy was declared to have joined the Justice League.

In the mid-credit scene, Sivana in the prison cell draws a symbol on the wall, followed by Mister Mind who was previously imprisoned in the Rock of Eternity, telling him about the pillars of evil that will come together and they will order 7 kingdoms.

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